Chartered By the Grand Lodge of Arkansas November 19, 1907

Located at Choctaw,Arkansas

Turn off Hwy.#65 at Choctaw on Hwy. #330 Red brick Bldg. on Right


Meets 1st. Friday of each month @7:30 PM , Practice Every Friday Night

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Our members become a part of a fellowship, that by action, has proven that when certain truths have been instilled into the hearts of our members, they will perform in their everyday lives, through personal or organized methods, in a manner pleasing to man and to our Maker. 

 Freemasonry does not solicit membership. All of its members have asked to become members by seeking out a member and asking for a petition to join. If you are considering petitioning a local Lodge and are hoping of coming into the Lodge with the expectation that membership will provide social or business gain, you will be disappointed. That is not its purpose, though Freemasonry is known as a worthy organization and membership carries with it a great amount of prestige. 

The charitable and benevolent activities of the Masonic Fraternity are perhaps well known to you. Be assured that the Masons of Arkansas have been ever willing to aid the distressed, assist children with their health and educational needs, feed the hungry and shelter the roofless. Over a period of years, the Grand Lodge of Arkansas has contributed substantially to many worthy causes throughout Arkansas.

Charlie Grimes Secretary Home Phone 501-745-2013 US Mail HC #63 Box #387B Clinton Arkansas 72031

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